Ideas for planning your next event

As event planners we often ask clients, “What do you imagine your event looking like and what is the feeling you want to achieve for your guests?” When I ask this question or a similar question, we get a myriad of answers. We are sharing some of the interesting ideas we heard as inspiration for you for you next event.

Client 1: “I imagine my guests walking into the room with surprise and feeling of home (that welcome factor). The surprise would be how the room is decorated, colors that are warm, a feeling of belonging and welcoming. I would like music playing in the background that is upbeat and I want this feeling from start to finish.”

Client 2: “I would like a formal setting, with dining tables dressed in blue and orange with ivory linen. The same colors are scattered strategically throughout the room(s). I want pops of sparkle and fresh flowers in unique clear vases.  I want a DJ that can read the audience and can suggest music for every aspect of my event.”

Client 3:  “I want to have a Winter Wonderland themed party in December. I want to walk into the room to see birch trees in giant vases with fog, giving it a feel of being outside. I want to see a canopy of balloons above the dance floor – silver and pearl. Theme colors would be silver, pearl and splashes of turquoise.”